Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Misc Announcements




I love my job, well, side job that is. I get a chance to be creative once and a while. Any occation and anytime you need something. In high school I was part of the graphics arts department and works for 5 years at American Speedy Printing, before all this home computer design. I made logos, business cards, resumes and help develope a persons brand. Here are a couple announcements/invites I recently did. I hope you like them.

Gotta Love Grandparents







You just gotta love grandparents. The Blackburn family recently had their parents in from Missouri and wanted to have me come over and photograph them interacting with their 4 grand children. It was a lot of fun just hanging out taking photos, they also wanted something a little more posed. I think for such a cold, rainy day out we got some great fun photos.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Gift Certificates

If you know anyone expecting please consider getting them a gift certificate for their baby shower or just a nice gift for the big day.
I recently had a woman approach me and asked if I could design a gift certificate for her neice who was expecting in the next month or so. What a great gift. I can personalize it anyway you would like, with any kind of photo packages or price point you would want to meet.
Please keep this in mind in the future and if your a current client of mine, remember, I give 25% off your next print order with every new customer session booked using your name. Here is the certificate I came up with.


My lil Kendyl at 6months


Talk about time flying, My Kendyl....
She's starting to get such personality and starting to crawl everywhere. BOY OH BOY am I in T R O U B L E !

Connor at 6months






I want to thank Connors mom and dad for letting me post these great shots of Connor at 6months. WOW, does time fly. From such a little peanut when he was born to this little toddler with personality and style. Hope you like them.