Monday, June 27, 2011

Believe in Miracles, Charity Photo Shoot

A friend of mine made a promise to this little girl,Jenna, to run in the Mt Clemens Half Marathon, She wanted to get 25 women and she ended up gettting 240 people to run. I felt that since I could not run, I would use my little photo talent to document the day, here are some photos from the day. Also, Please go to the website and read about Believe in Miracles and Join the BIMBOS for future events. Even Donate if you feel propeled.

Our Mission at Believe in Miracles
The mission of Believe in Miracles is to enrich the lives of Michigan children suffering from life-threatening medical conditions by buying gifts and bringing joy and hope to their lives.

The Group of BIMBOS
Macomb Twp MI Photographer_6864

Gotta Stretch
Macomb Twp MI Photographer_6887

Biggest Loser Winner Helen
Macomb Twp MI Photographer_6919

Start Strong
Macomb Twp MI Photographer_6943

Fun for the whole family
Macomb Twp MI Photographer
Finishing Strong
Macomb Twp MI Photographer_7146

Macomb Twp MI Photographer_7166 (2)

Jennas Dad and Tracy, the Bimbo organizer
Macomb Twp MI Photographer_7201 (2)


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